Watch ‘Run’ A Story Of A Happy Married Man’s Life Turned Upside Down, For Free

Watch 'Run' A Story Of A Happy Married Man's Life Turned Upside Down, For Free

If you’re a movie buff and the quarantine has prevented you from watching your favorite movies in the theatre, now all your favorite movies are just one click away. OTT platforms are a great source for watching movies in the best HD Quality. One such OTT Streaming Platform isĀ aha. Including a curated list of films from different genres you can watch for free in the best quality, here is one movie streaming exclusively on AHA.


Written by SahanaDutt with dialogues by Carthyk-Arjun and Directed by LakshmikanthChenna, Run is a Telugu psychological-thriller. The film was released on AHA on 29 May 2020. Starring Navdeep and PujitaPonnada in the lead roles. The music by NareshKumaran, Cinematirgpahy by SajeeshRajendran, and EDited by RamkrishnaArram.

Run was conceived as an eight-episode web series, and the cast and crew had finished filming. When it was shown to the Aha creative team, which included Allu Aravind, it was suggested that Run could be a feature film appropriate for the OTT platform. The film is reported as the first OTT Original Telugu film.


The story works around a couple, Shruti and Sandeep, and the film opens with them preparing for their lunch date. The movie is well thought through with a good plot and characters; all you need is patience to sit through the entire 87 minutes to watch all scenes and characters unfold slowly and fall to place.

The couple’s life is portrayed way too perfect to be real; the first sign that trouble is waiting, and it does, big trouble. Everything changes when Shruti doesn’t turn up for the lunch date, and Sandeep finds out that she was murdered. The change worsens when Sandeep becomes the prime suspect for the alleged murder of his girlfriend. Upset, he escapes the situation. The cat-mouse chase turns into a psychological thriller; the unfolding of the murder and the whole story behind it forms the plot’s crux.

Navdeep is the film’s main attraction, and he plays an innocent husband admirably. The movie revolves around him, and he performs admirably in his multi-layered role. At the film’s climax, Navdeep shines.

When selecting a film with psychological elements, one must exercise extreme caution. Director LakshmikanthChenna does a good job of setting up the plot and delivering the surprises, but the short running time acts as a compromise and rushes the film.

What’s new about Run is that it tries to touch upon a tricky genre to make and still does a good job. Run can be seen as setting new trends in the Telugu film industry. Setting a decent benchmark for direct OTT Telugu movies, which is now also one of the TeluguĀ movies online free, Run checks the boxes if you love a good psychological thriller.