World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Features

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Features

World of Warcraft has had plenty of evolutionary changes and narrative arcs throughout its expansive 17-year run since 2004.

With the latest expansion, Shadowlands recently released in November 2019, the one-year gap has had players asking for more in terms of end-game content, with some players seemingly jumping ship to other IPs such as the hugely popular Early Access game, Valheim.

Following Blizzconline 2021, it may appear that players’ are finally getting their calls answered with Patch 9.1, Chains of Domination.

Although an official release date is yet to be announced (probably around the middle of the year), the promised features and prominent extras that will be introduced with the major update have been shared below:

  • Introduction of Korthia, City of Secrets
  • New raid – Sanctum of Domination – will be available for you to test your might against Kel’Thuzad, the Eye of the Jailer, and even Sylvanas Windrunner herself
  • Opening of new Shadowlands story quests and Covenant campaign missions for you to spend some extra hours in
  • Tazavesh, a new dungeon for those seeking more challenges throughout The Maw
  • Possibility of using mounts between the four Covenant zones of Maldraxxus, Revendreth, Ardenweald, and Bastion.
  • Cool new armours, weapons, pets and many more.

Just to recap things off, here is a brief rundown on patch 9.1: Chains of Domination’s lore and significance:


After years of countless betrayals, deaths and pain coming from the hands of The Banshee Queen herself, it is understandable that your ultimate face-off with Sylvanas Windrunner is sure to stamp itself firmly in the lore pages of WOW history.

Being the top-most floor of Torghast, Tower of the Damned, Sanctum of Domination will certainly house plenty of horrors and menacing creatures whom serve The Jailer and his plans to relinquish the gap between the living and the dead.

As seen in the cinematic short for Chains of Domination, King Anduin Wrynn has finally been broken and controlled by the forces of the Maw (presumably using Frostmourne akin Arthas’s Lich King vibes).

Forced to infiltrate Bastion and slay Kyrestia the Firstborne, his mindless portrayal of being brainwashed and controlled for the benefit of The Jailer’s attempts seem to have created doubts within Sylvanas, something which will surely be explored upon once the new major patch is released.


As The Jailer’s efforts continue to wreak havoc across the lands of The Maw, all four Covenants have finally decided to band together and push for an attack towards Torghast., his despicable throne of terror.

Alas, The Maw will now become less hostile towards players’, especially when mounts are finally being allowed into the fray.

A new zone will also be introduced in the form of Korthia, the large land forcibly pulled into The Maw by The Jailer as depicted in the Chains of Domination cinematic.

Expect a lot of fresh areas and ruins to uncover, while meeting unique NPCs along the way.

Another note about the Eye of the Jailer, though: you will be able to disrupt the ‘heat’ mechanic which have been forcing you to leave The Maw after a period of time/ personal objectives completed – although specifics have yet to be shared officially.


In preparation for the new major patch, it is high time for you to return to WOW and grind for any incomplete gears that you may have left unattended to, for a while.

Noting the gruelling challenges awaiting you later in the Shadowlands, stacking up and investing on those fine WOW gold coins would surely be the easiest way to go.

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